I'm Julie -- that's me in the snow

Which is weird


I love summer

I know I can be a bit contradictory

But I'm learning to appreciate that

How I don't like writing bios

But I seem to switch things up

And write a new one every six months

I'd rather write you a letter

Or a poem

Or tell you a story


I never know what's most important to say here

Probably you can read my blog to figure it out

Or email me

Or visit me on twitter

To find out

That I like purple and yellow

And don't like mornings

I mean there's a thousand little things

But mostly I want to know about you

This blog is about people

And God

Where they come together

I'm a curious sort

I like all those stories

Of Jesus in your life

And mine

Where He brings redemption

It's safe to say I like that more than summer