Sunday, February 12, 2017

Walking the trail

I learn so much from walking on trails.

I went for a hike today. I've been on it once before but that time I was with friends and I was walking + talking a lot.

This time, by myself, the initial adventure was in finding the path and trail to take. The trails were thankfully clear, but they were windy on the mountain. It also looked like I could choose many different paths.

I decided to pick one and set off. I had to pay attention because there were people out everywhere. One biker lost no speed racing down the hill past me as I jerked out of the way at just the right second to avoid a wipe out.

I find myself to be a quiet wanderer on hikes many times. Not always, because there are times I'm actually trying to get a workout or I walk with others. But other times, I see trails and trees (or shrubs and rocks as we have in Phoenix) as a place of discovery and leaning into what God may be showing me.

Today, I am reminded that I am often like the bike racer who needs to slow down as to avoid wipe outs.

The quiet inside the trails reminds me how God teaches me to walk through life. Keep stepping, keep stepping, one little foot in front of the other, up through the rocks, down the hill, yes you can pick a little longer trail but you gotta pace yourself, it's okay to run through it sometimes because the trail is more fun that way, and sometimes you just stop and breathe and laugh at how easy it is for you to lose yourself in the moment. All the things.

Thank you mountain trails for stilling me, God for showing me my smallness and your greatness yet again, and how to set my pace - yet again - and biker-man for not running me over.