Thursday, December 8, 2016

What I am reminding myself

Tonight I wrote out all the song lyrics to one of my favorite songs, "As Sure as the Sun," by musician Ellie Holcomb. I wrote as fast as I could.

HIS MERCY WILL NOT END, I wrote in capital letters, in case I couldn't read the scribbles from all the other lines.

As sure as the sun. His mercy will not end.

So what am I reminding myself about tonight? Exactly what I wrote a dozen times. His mercy is real and it will not end. He loves me. All the time.

And he loves you. All the time.

I love that the sun is sure. I love thinking about something being as sure as the sun.

I'm reminding myself there's always so much good. So much sure-ness. Even with the muck that happens in life. God is really with us.

There are things about God that are so mysterious to me and that is pleasant actually. For a girl who likes to know things for sure, to know that God works in ways that are much higher than my ways, actually frees me somehow. To know that life with God is not going to be something I can always figure out. His timing is different than my timing. It just is. His plans are going to be His plans, not my plans, because He's the author, not me.

Yep, I like these reminders. I know God is my comforter, my peace and my savior, and when I remember that he loves me first and most, I can rest in knowing that I am right where I'm supposed to be. Life and circumstances can swirl at times, but I trust God, that He already knows the plan.

I don't always feel that way. Sometimes I want to take back control. Sometimes I think I have a better idea.  God knows all of this and I can't fool him. But with his help, he shows me how to live more free and with more peace and joy even when things go wrong, are confusing, or emotions start to get frazzled. 

Today's devotional in Come, Lord Jesus explains the difference between God's time and our time. God's timing is called Kairos and our time is called Chronos. Each day of the devotional ends with a prayer. Today's prayer is this one:

: Lord, how good and generous you are to give us each day of our lives. Help us to remember that every hour is a gift and to use the minutes wisely, to learn the way of repentance, and to wait patiently for the new heaven where righteousness dwells. It is hard to wait for you, God. Be with us as we struggle. Teach us what it means to live according to kairos. Come Lord Jesus, we pray. :

It is past my bedtime. I pray encouragement and love for you and to also hear all the time on repeat that HIS MERCY NEVER ENDS.

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