Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Like those who dream

Yesterday's devotional from Come, Lord Jesus gives rise to the idea of dreams and tracing the hope of Christmas.

When I think of the dreams God has given me, I think of hope and joy and possibilities. I think of spacious places.

One of the overarching dreams and themes of my life continues to be writing in some way or another. I know I am more fully awake and alive to the story of life when I am writing my way through it. 

God supplies me with visions of hope and reminds me of this when I need it most. A friend of mine, a fellow dreamer-heart prayed a prayer for me that I would not lose in the night the dreams he has given me in the brightness of the day. What a sweet prayer.

God is good to give us dreams.

He is in charge of all our tomorrows, even as we may aspire to live fully in today. During advent and any day as we wait on him, may we be fully alive to the seeds once planted in our hearts. Peace, friends.