Sunday, January 31, 2016

All things new -- January

Living life in my new city of Phoenix (a.k.a. new time zone, new coast), weeks used to feel longer than they were. That's not necessarily the case anymore. But I still have to be careful that way I see and hear and experience in the world around me doesn't get trapped somewhere inside me.

I used to write more, but I stopped knowing how to organize my thoughts into words on the page when life became so different. I was just trying to become accustomed to my surroundings, and I didn't quite know how to put words down on paper, something that always seemed easy to me. I typically write to make sense of life, but in a new place, where do you begin??

The best thing I've been learning this month is that to begin again you just have to start somewhere.

you have to start somewhere.

What else? Here are 5 more things I've been learning this month -- sharing again for Emily's monthly link up!

1. Life and the newness is settling a little more each day. I'm starting to like it more for real.

This feels important.

It also feels important to say that there have been days I probably haven't known what I have been doing, if I've been totally honest with myself. I know what I'm doing in the big picture, practical way. It's lovely, beautiful, exciting, an adventure to be sure. It seems like I've always been supposed to be here now. And there are days I crave familiarity. Not for keeps, but for a moment or two so I could live on automatic at least for a minute. Do you realize how much of our lives are lived on automatic? Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones, I tell myself, because I have to pay attention.

2. People like to get personalized painted pictures for wedding gifts. They also enjoy getting keys.

Car keys, house keys, and work keys. It means you care about them a lot when you give people these things.

I went to a wedding this month and I lost my keys. The bride called me after the honeymoon and told me she found them in the wedding gift. The sad part is that I actually thought that might have been where I dropped them. Yes, in the present bag. You can't say I'm not a giver.

3. Your new friends in new cities do not necessarily know you that well but they start to know you real quick when you leave your keys in wedding presents.

Note to readers: I promote being yourself even if it means people have to find out yourself is part wacky.

4. Arizona in January is nice.

I'm sorry North Carolina snowmageddon. It's not that I don't miss you still with all your ridiculousness and cars blowing up but I am pretty fond of the warmth and sun that I've never experienced this time of year.  

5. Even Arizona can't get too cocky.

We have had some 'cold' (chilly) weather and rain (rain = snow for the east, this is a phenomenon I can't quite get used to) to the point I needed an ice scraper. My friend Jodi sent ice scrapers in the mail secretly because I told her I was using credit cards and spatulas for awhile due to I thought I didn't need them on account of moving to the DESERT. Thank you, Jodi.
Writing this out reminds me how I could fill up pages and pages on all the learnings I get to experience -- transition has given me that, and I believe God gives gifts in seasons of change, even if we don't often notice them. My prayer is that my story would impact others in the way their stories have touched me in the middle of change.

If your heart is heavy or you are in the midst of change, be encouraged God is working in you and it is good. Keep going. Much love.