Monday, August 17, 2015

Books books books

Writing and reading and learning are as natural as breathing to me so books have always been a natural part of life. Everywhere, everywhere, books. Other things I might accumulate because in a previous life I tended to put things in storage bins rather than GET RID OF THEM (this is coming back to haunt me now), but books, books are my friends. My theory has been you can never have too many.

Until you do and you find a dozen copies of Charlotte's Web from your teaching days but even the used book store won't take them because that's a banned book? Maybe I should already know that.

I gave one of my best friends all those banned books, along with several other boxes of books for her kiddos. Seventy percent of my books are kids books (making up this percentage but it sounds right). The other thirty percent of randomness includes spiritual life/Christian books I have double copies of somehow and textbooks I'll never need again. These were also not a hit with the bookstore. "People have wandered from religion" was the store owner's reason for turning down the good reads I tried to give her. Sad times.

Still, I couldn't just dump them. Some things seem like trash, but not books.

My friend's husband gets a medal for taking the boxes I didn't keep. Possibly, they will start a children's banned book club of Charlotte's Web.

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