Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Finally, a post about mercy (sort of)

Once upon a time, I created a blog called Mercy Notes, which had a catchy name to it. But most of the time I blogged about other things and didn't talk specifically about mercy, per se. And then, I didn't talk about anything because I stopped making time to write about life and faith and adventures I was having because I got started on a project called 87 coffees, and I kept thinking that I would FINISH that project quickly, but who am I kidding?
So, here we are. I used to blog regularly, just for the fact that I love to write and record and remember. To see that God's mercies ARE new everyday. To count the blessings, even if no one reads about them or if it's all been said a thousand different ways by a thousand different people.
I need to keep count.

I kind of veered away from recounting all the joys on here. And there are so many!

I love my side project. I do. But let me take a minute and remember some things here. It's only fitting that I have two blogs because I like to juggle things and sometimes they even get mixed together. Don't be surprised if I go back and forth between the two and then if you're a reader friend on here I ask you to become a coffee friend for 87 Coffees. I like to think everything's connected somehow.

I went on a retreat this weekend. It was on mercy, and I thought maybe I needed to pay this place a visit.
I want you to know I'm sharing some photos that I didn't even take because I turned my phone off. I'm still laughing about that, more excited that I actually pulled it off, because I am sure that I belong in some decade without all these gadgets. It makes life better for keeping up with the ones I care about far away, but otherwise, I often wonder what life would be like unplugged.
This weekend, one of my take a ways that I'm beginning to digest was to expect messy things in life. Messy relationships. To meet messy people. The speaker put it this way. She said that every morning she wakes up and has two cats and she sees that her cats made a mess everywhere but it's that's what happens with cats. They make cat droppings and you have to clean it up and it happens again and again. And it feels like there's always some kind of mess. You can't get too mad at those cats because that's part of being a cat.
The mess isn't as fun to write about.
Most of the time, it's easy to hide behind the mess (not if you're a cat maybe). We humans are good for that. Writers are better.
We choose our words wisely. We can read and reread, edit, delete.

All the things.
If any of you are writers, what do you hide behind with your writing? Do you leave any parts of yourself out?
This post is (mostly) about the fun times this weekend but I think it's good to acknowledge both. That there's going to be mess in life and then there's also going to be times when you get to make up definitions for hiking and everything's alright with the world. I think we need a little of both.
It's late and this post feels a little incomplete. But that's okay for now. 
Here are some little joys from the weekend:

That's a beautiful mountain outside the car...because of course, the way we roll, we see mountains (and even hike) from the car window.

That's called stretching from the long car ride and I don't know why it's picture worthy. My friend said I looked like I was twerking, which I denied, but nevertheless..

That's another car shot and once again no one knows their picture is being taken.

 Oh, it's a normal picture for once, and a reminder that ever-loving friends are some of the best gifts that we don't deserve.

Yes, we did in fact go shopping while in the mountains.