Saturday, October 4, 2014

I'd rather be yard saling

It's 31 days and I missed a day already. 

But busy days and unusual situations provide writing material and so, I have to keep the big picture in mind. 


My friend is calm, even in the face of boxes and bins and baby clothes everywhere. I even remember some of the clothes because she's one of my longest friends and I've watched her three grow.

Sentimental but ever trying to be practical, I ask if I can take a "small box" to store so my own kids can wear the clothes someday. I'm (half) joking, I tell her. That's almost as silly as holding children's books, like I've been doing since college (that's called being an education major).

I become my best self in moments with friends. I (mostly) forget about all the things. 31 days. The need to finish what I start. That I want this season to make sense and perhaps skip over it.

Instead, while I put up yard sale signs in the dark, I take a video to remind me of all that is right on the world (of course I do), like laughter and blending in with the trees as the cars drive by. 

Even though my friend says I am forever her "optimist Julie," it still becomes far too easy at times to lean into where we've all gone wrong. Sometimes you need moments of playing auntie. Reminders that little ones will jump off the couch and free fall into your arms without a second thought that you'll catch them. 

They will risk and maybe they don't know that sometimes that means they will get hurt like the rest of a us do.

I try my best to catch the babies every time but sometimes they are too quick. 

Their excitement overrules any pain they feel because they know bedtime stories are next and for the night I sneak into the world of princesses and far away lands and pigs who eat pancakes and llamas with mamas.

Check back here for all of the posts of the series with a goal of finishing's always an adventure in these parts.

P.S. My friend just asked me what I'm writing about this month.

I replied: "Finishing something. Anything..."

Including and especially 31 days.

Note to self: let's work on that