Thursday, October 2, 2014

"I don't even really work here" {Finishing something}

I might work with kids in my 9-5, but writing is my job, too.

Most days, I don't struggle with calling myself a writer, because I know that it's a love and a calling, but at times I do struggle with getting words on the page. I am sure there's lots of reasons for this oxymoron.

Writing is an essential ingredient for a writer.

Don't listen to Kramer's boss.

I do work here.

You do work here.

Whether writing is your day job, or the kind you have to squeeze into the in-between, it's meaningful.

I like to ask kids what they think they are good at; there are times they tell me writing. Sometimes they tell me talking.

You're onto something, I say.

Write on, little people. Talk on, young friends.

If you're a writer, who inspired you? How old were you?


  1. I wish I was a writer... but I think I like the idea of being a writer more than I like the actual act of writing. Writing is really hard for me. I love this line, "You're onto something, I say." Every kid needs to hear that from someone who cares. :)

    1. I like your writing and your corner of the world! It's probably better to use the word artist. You are definitely an artist, my friend.:)