Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 days of finishing something

Welcome to 31 Days.

31 days of finishing something
 "I don't even really work here"
I'd rather be yard saling 
The first and the last
Simple Words
The Welcome Home
For those who grieve
The enemy of done?
The art in waiting
Messes and dares
Sweet October
Humor for the days we need it

I feel much more refreshed now. True story, I took a nap this afternoon after work.
If I'm going to be writing for 31 days (did I forget that I said no more after last year?!), first things first.
After some help from new friends at the barn this weekend (more on this later), I decided that I would write for 31 days on one condition. If the topic was 'finishing something.'
Here we are. True to my word. Sorry no buttons, no frills. Not this year.
I am going to write and write and write and share some of that in what could be a live experiment in discipline and finishing something in action. You might see me fail. I'm just warning you. BUT, no one can say I didn't warn you.

Still, I created this master plan three days ago, so there's a lot of potential here.
 Plus, Pinterest told me I could do it and it could be anything I want. So there's that.

My hope is that these quotes and photos will motivate your journey as well.
Pinterest also showed me this photo next; take with it what you will.
Focusing is key. So here's the one takeaway from today:
Less talking
more doing

Don't forget it's not too late to join in the *fun. If you're writing, share your site below so I can follow along!

*fun is a subjective idea


  1. You can do it! Can't wait to see what happens!

    1. Thank you for being the loudest encourager I know, just when I need to hear it! :)

  2. i love this and will totally be following because i am a STARTER {not a finisher : )} and i need help!!

    1. Hi Elizabeth! Don't forget you all were my inspiration so I'm coming to you if I'm out of ideas by day 15:). Ha. Thanks for coming by!