Sunday, September 21, 2014

Just another day at the circus and happy fall

"Happy Fall Equinox!" one of my friends from Whole Foods says today.
I can't believe fall is actually here and we have to say goodbye to summer, I tell her.

We decide we'll just keep moving.

Keep moving, or you'll get run over. That's all you can do.

I don't even know how that applies to summer and fall, changes and when we want to hold onto things that can be hard to let go of, but I decide it's worth a try.
Summer and I, we were an unfamiliar pair this year. Even if I've been begging for change, it seems it's never long until I want to be back in the middle of warmth and familiarity, even the unfamiliar-familiar of this year. Summer always seems better than the cool of the fall, the newness I'm not quite ready for. I choose to believe there are good things to come, even if these are unknown things.
I'm sending you off summer with a group of pictures to remember your free spiritedness. To remind me of what is light and hopeful. I hope you still remain in some way.
We had a creative festival outside last weekend and people were drawing on the streets in sidewalk chalk. Pretty amazing!

 Your average cd tree...

Did I mention I was trying to put my lifelong dream of being in the circus into action?
Where's Waldo note to readers: no, I am not in this picture
Flashback note to readers: remember when I kinda sorta talked about a circus wedding (only kidding?). Just reminding you of all the fun times you can have at a circus/carnival.

Remember when I said I have a twin who is a professional hula hooper? Okay, not a real twin, but perhaps. I'm not kidding that it might be an awesome next career path.
The friend I was with tried to get me to juggle make-up because I told her juggling is my favorite.
No, I am not in this picture either. I just observed but I did go home and practice juggling. True story. Juggling is seriously my favorite.
(Since I didn't have a picture of juggling, this picture has nothing to do with this caption. Plus, I can't even explain this picture.. or this whole event actually...)

This is just a pretty photo of downtown in summer. Because I am not always at the circus.
But I do wear (other people's) shades because that sun is shiny, yo.
And, a reminder of my family and candid pictures and grandmas who like to talk as much as me..
I'm not of the selfie-love but my friend's sweet three-year-old loves airplanes so I had to take a picture on board because I'm "his best friend." Maybe it's the juggling?
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  1. I loved your city pic and the pics of the creative festival. Thanks for sharing.

    Mary-andering Creatively

  2. Replies
    1. Pictures always bring out the best parts, don't they? Trying to remember to take notice all around me, even it's not summer. How are you liking your new neck of the woods, friend?