Thursday, September 11, 2014

Walkin on, walkin on...

“Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”    

-Anton Chekhov


Things break. Today I found little specks of glass on my kitchen floor from a bottle of lemonade that fell right through a too-full brown grocery bag yesterday and then there's the shattered iphone I've been looking at only through lovely cracked glass for weeks now. That's what happens when a phone hits cement at the perfect contact point.


I waited to get a replacement phone because it was still functional and probably some other reasons, but now with the hysteria over the new iphone 6, it's as good a time as any for non caring technological folk to make a dash for it. For the lesser model that is, just so I can stop staring at broken glass all day long and pieces of tape and not to mention parts of the phone that are ready to fall off. 


It could be worse. It's functional, right?

Aren't most things that break, though? Maybe not my lemonade bottle, but my phone, which seemed to be broken in as many different places as possible, still works. 
I have to compensate, strain to see, but it works. Or does it? Maybe for a time.
I won't spend anymore of my time talking about phones. I don't like phones all that much if you can't tell. But I still prefer talking over texting. I guess maybe letter writing might be favorite.
But back to the important things.
I can't talk so long about brokenness today. I thought I'd say a few more things but I'd rather show you pictures of cake.

And other things that show me slivers of light:
odd candid pictures/awkwardness*I'm sorry friends, but I think it's true to life

 more friends
celebrating everydayness - joy -- the non awkward. I have a couple of those moments.
 birthday twin and birthday hats
(This floated round and round Facebook -- not sure who to credit. I think I saw it on this lady's page originally)
I'm not sure why I like this. Perhaps because in a perfect world we would exist without computers, too. I do like the idea of pretending it's 1993 (oh, so sad that that's our back-in-time-date) but it's possible I belong in the early 1900's somewhere.

this is pretty neat. broken glass can be beautiful
image credit
broken glass cupcakes! no joke

Broken glass can be fun but also can hurt. It's pretty like the glass you find on the beaches of ohio-home. It's tasty if you make them into cupcakes -- I can just tell. It's musical like this song I can't help but jam to as I clean up the mess it brings.

And it makes you search for light even when you squint to see through. Maybe?


  1. Yes. I think you can search for light when you squint to see through. Those cupcakes look scary. I love the hat. And your awkward photos. ;D I have tons of those too. (Was it your birthday? Happy birthday.)

    1. Hi friend, thanks! Birthday was in August, posting pictures a month later sounds about right.