Monday, September 8, 2014

Crossing streams and outsmarting the woods

This past weekend I decided I needed to get away. Do you ever feel like that? I hit some nearby trails and literally went into the woods. Where one minute it is pavement, the next it is trees, trees, and more trees. I know, that is what you call the woods. But, I am not one for direction-sense, hence unmarked trails can be a problem. And as much as it is fun and adventurous, there were moments of standing by rocks and looking at streams, contemplating do-I-want-to-jump-over that? It builds character, I'm convinced, to go into the woods when you least expect it and to train yourself to take chances. Yes, jumping over rocks is a very small thing. But it's still something.
 I thought I would take a little walk in the park, but apparently, I needed some more space and time and a chance to be a little bit free.

I decided to mark my journey along the way with pictures because I know my tendency to get lost. I figured the pictures would give me clues to where I was should all the trees and shrubbery start to look the same (it did).

I got a little distracted by the rushing water but tried hard not to lose sight of where I was going and where I turned off. My mind went right to an Ellie Holcomb the middle of dry ground, there is water. One of my most favorite things. Thanks, God.

Moving on, I saw a map on a tree. I kid you not. This is what it looked like. There's no way anyone could find their way out, it looked like a plot of land for a corn maze to me! Nevertheless, I snapped a picture of this distant view in case it would come in handy later with the magnifying glass I did not have with me.

Alas, I spotted pavement (across the creek which I decided to jump over). Landing on an isolated greenway that actually would have me going father in the wrong direction did not seem like a good idea. I crossed the stream yet again and went back into the woods. At this point, if anyone was watching from their homes by this road, it certainly would have been comical.

I forgot to tell you that during the escapade I also texted a couple people, you know, for good measure. I tried to enjoy nature and peace and quiet, but lunch with a friend was coming up quickly and I hadn't left my post yet (a.k.a. the same ten feet right by the *stream that I kept jumping back and forth over).

So, I decided to text my friend nonchalantly to say "call me when you can" which really translated to, "if you really want lunch you might need to bring it to these woods."

I was just warning her. But, I wasn't too worried. I knew I had outsmarted the woods and I just retraced my steps back by looking at the pictures on my phone. Little cabin tucked beneath the trees? Oh, yeah, check. Keep going straight and then turn left. You get the picture. I may have no direction sense, but I remember my landmarks, and my pictures never tell a lie.

Thanks for going through the journey with me (again). It's been a long time since I've done a picture walk on here, it was time for one -- in the most literal sense of the word.

Have you ever been lost or had to be creative with how to get out of the woods? If you're someone who needs to seek out the rhythms of nature to stay balanced, how do you do this in your life?

AND, if you could use this little shed-house for anything, what would you use it for?
I really love the door.


Happy wandering, friends....
*I'm aware that for people, who let's say, hike on a regular basis, these 'streams' are laughable. Well, to that I say, I've been living side-by-side a city for a very long time. Guess what? When I did come out of the woods, it turns out the park playground had been close to me the whole time. I might have to venture out a little farther next time to realllly get away.


  1. I love the idea of woods... but I'm kind of scared of them because I'm afraid of getting lost. I do feel more creative when I'm outside though. I'd love to live in that little shed. I've always dreamed about living in a small 100square foot house.

    1. Thanks for your continuous encouragement with reading and commenting! :)
      Not sure I could really and truly live in that shed -- it sounds fun though..I could come visit or be your neighbor in a 200 square foot house ;). ha.

  2. I'd love to have a little writing area in that shed! I love hiking... have def. been lost before though. So thankful for GPS now!

    1. Oooh, a writing shed.... sounds lovely.