Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August Seven {What I am learning from August}

I love August. It's my birthday month and it's still summer (two solid reasons, in my opinion). In honor of my birthday on August 7th, I came up with seven things I've learned this month for Emily's monthly link-up. Only kidding, it just happened that way, but it sounds so much more I-thought-this-through-look-I'm-a-planner, which everyone knows is not true. Instead, I'm up past my bedtime (again) because #4.

1. My life is currently like the end of The Giver.

This one might be the hardest for me because like songs or movies that have good endings, I want things to resolve. Always and forever. But some things don't resolve right away. They take a long time. If you've seen The Giver you know what I mean when I say that there are days it seems easier to just take an injection in the morning so you don't have to feel -- but that ain't living, folks.

Part of me does want to shout "Precision of Language" all the time now though.

2. I learn, re-learn, and learn some more that I love my friends. And family, of course.

There I go again. Precision of language. You need to watch The Giver if you haven't. That was a fave book in high school, too. Although, I'm not much for stories that leave me hanging. Life is enough of a cliffhanger most of the time.

3. You don't have to get out of town to go on vacation.

That's what they call a stay-cation. Sometimes you can even have it at your neighbors' house. When they are all out of town in three different cities. And not necessarily because they even want you to watch their house or feed the dog (they took the dog with them). But because it's nice to have a vacation..from your problems (is that a movie line or just the truth?) every once in awhile. Even if it's just down the road.

4. Writing is a necessity, not an option.

I have to write. Especially when there's too much going on or life is confusing. It clears the blur. Even if it's just a journal. Getting back to a focus and remembering that my voice is not gone even if it feels like it for awhile is important.

5. God is good..all the time.

Yes, we overuse this, but we all have something needed to repeat back to ourselves, and it might change from season to season. This season, I need to remember God's goodness and His trustworthiness, that it's not dependent on me and my circumstances or what happens in my life. I can be grateful and know that God is a good God who is out for our good and works things for good.

I just said good about five times in one sentence, but I think that this month I need to be reminded of that. I had a dream and in it was Ann Voskamp's 1000 Gifts. I've never dreamed about a book before. I hadn't even been reading it lately. It was clearly sitting on a table all by its lonesome, as if to say, 'pick me up!'

Tonight I went back to that book for the umpteenth time. I read and reread books and perhaps if only I grew my library, but my favorites continue to be my favorites. 

If I only remembered to count the graces.

I would see His goodness everywhere?

I choose to remember I can have grace for myself, too. That each day is another new day and tonight is the end of a day done.

Sometimes it's all so serious.


6. There's always a piece of August that is parties and celebrating.

I turned another year old (young?) this month and I know that all the gifts...the big birthday years and the small changes we make as we learn, slowly, month to month, year to year, they all come from the Maker.

This birthday was so much fun! See number two.

7. Reminders of broken things come in all forms. Like a mangled phone?
There's tape on my phone, the one that smacked into the cement and now is hanging on for its poor, dear life for a few more days. So just imagine me in my party clothes and all the works for my birthday celebrations this month because a) I am not technological and b) perhaps also lazy with my phone and its pictures. I know I've said it before, I'm going to work on it.

Speaking of not being up with the times, I think as a role reversal, if I am going to dedicate myself to trying harder with current technology, kids today should get a blast from the past. I asked someone today if they use chalkboards. Answer:  "What's a chalkboard?"

Look outside. I think the sky might be falling.