Saturday, May 24, 2014

What the cobwebs teach me

I have an elegant spider web on my porch right now. I got close tonight when I was eating dinner and all I could do was stare at it.

I can't knock it down
just yet because it's too pretty.

Do you know the difference between a spider web and a cobweb? Check out Cobwebs Vs. Spider Webs. Don't worry, you don't have to pick a side -- they are both intriguing. But, I have to admit, it's easier to brush aside the irregular, abandoned cobwebs.


Such a great thing happened. I get to work at a place where I'll have regular hours and still get to meet with kids and when I do activities with them and they use paint, I won't have to put wet paintbrushes in my bag because it doesn't involve driving around to the whole free world. 

I don't normally talk much about work on here but I read an article by Don Miller and he talked about creating and actually not being afraid to make something happen. 

I'm excited about counseling more than I was before. I feel like I make something happen when I work with kids because I think they are great.

Before, if you asked me I would have told you I enjoyed the kids I worked with and still think of them because of the intensive nature of the jobs I had, but why is it that the jobs resembled cobwebs to me?

So irregular.

No order. My body is still adjusting from those years of a chaotic schedule.

These aren't intended to be complaints. Good, good things happened there.
Today, I filled out some documentation and I realized that I have a fuller picture of the gamut of kids and their mental health needs because of having exposure to so much. That's just one of the good, good things.

What do you do when you start to make a spider web, or what resembles a spider web to you, with intricate patterns and carefully laid out pieces and beauty and, well, you realize that you've been making a lot of cobwebs before?

Cobwebs don't get a good rap at all. Neither do jobs without much order or other things in life that are confusing, like difficult relationships and maybe our lives are never quite 'regular' as much as we try to make them so.

I'm thankful for the spider web but maybe it's a little unnatural?

Maybe there are a few cobwebs or a lot of cobwebs thrown in there much of the time?

I learn again and again how to live amongst the irregular.

There are times I am too hard on my chosen field, on difficult relationships. I scorn the dust they pick up and the pain they bring. I can barely see the beauty because there are cobwebs, and well, there are cobwebs.

I'm sorry to say I destroyed a cobweb tonight. It was right next to the spider web.

I mean, in reality, it makes sense.  Why do we need all these webs hanging around?

But it's curious that I left the pretty one.

We want to keep what makes sense to us.

Odd shapes can turn into something lovely if we just look long enough.

inspired by five minute friday -- close


  1. I really love that if we look long enough, we often can find something beautiful emerge! Take good care of yourself, you are doing an important work in the lives of children. So important and needful.

  2. :). Your new job sounds wonderful. :). Keep building cobwebs.

  3. Friends, you always encourage me. Thanks for being you. :)