Monday, May 19, 2014

On where we go when we're not here and the beauty of art...and coffee

I'd like to be one of those people who has funny things to say when they are going through strange or hard things. I know it's okay to be serious when I write sometimes -- sometimes being the operative word -- but if I take myself too seriously, bad things will occur and it will spark things in me like adult acne.

But I've also learned that you need time to sift through things before you put them out into the world. I believe in realness and rawness but I also believe some things, not all things, should be thrown out there.

I don't mind sharing my life with people, and am a person who believes vulnerability is good, but does anyone else struggle with feeling like it's hard to write when you know too much would bleed out?

There's a balance in there somewhere. And it's important to find it.

One of my chief purposes of writing is to 'expose the unexposed,' as Anne Lamott says. Isn't that a goal of all writing? What about all living? We each do it a little differently to be sure.

I'm treading lightly at the moment.

Is it hard for you, reader-friends, as it is for me?

Sometimes, I like to imagine us sitting down and having a cup of coffee, or maybe tea or lemonade, and mostly, I feel like my writing is a simple conversation that I wish I could have with you in person. Probably if we met though I wouldn't order coffee because I've only had coffee approximately three times. But, irony is one of my best friends, and the good news is I'm working on a new project. Guess what? This project is enabling me to sit down with people and have some kind of coffee type drink with them and write about that encounter. Stay tuned.

This makes me happy, and kind of makes me not care if I go away for a little while because I know I'll be back, and I know I'll see you.

I met some ladies this week at my job and they keep telling me I remind them of this girl who used to work there. Within five minutes of meeting me they thought I could be her twin or something. What's she doing now? I asked. Oh, she's traveling the world with her new husband and apparently she's doing something with hula hooping (??). I did not get the details but she it sounds like she's some kind of international star now. Okay, I made that last part up.

I always know that life is getting better again when I can laugh.

I wanted to share some encouragement about art, life, music, and the broken/beautiful from some of my fave people and websites:

Stephanie's story: broken is beautiful: I've already posted this awhile back, but I love it and this website. Reminds us of the gift of imperfection and beauty even in brokenness.

Natalie Closner of the band Joseph: love me some new music.This here post is another (real as it gets) interview with Joy and musician Natalie, 6:10-6:50 talks about acknowledging what is difficult because otherwise the world is a "very fake, superficial place" and inviting people to have hope amidst the tension.

Broken Beautiful: Video by Ellie Holcomb. End of the video = dancing in fields. That's all.

Where do you go when you're not here?

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  1. The hula hooping makes me laugh... thank you. For that and for your words that encourage.

  2. Thanks friend! I appreciate you!