Thursday, May 8, 2014

Love Your Voice Guest Post at About Proximity

Today, my lovely writer friend Lisa let me share my voice over at her site. I'm writing about the beauty of taking it slow but today was busy and I couldn't get this post up until now (irony, anyone?). Thank you reader-friends for following along as we change, grow, and learn as writers and people in this community.

I'm thankful to be at Lisa's place today getting to share some of my own words in a space that renews me every time I visit.


Being in proximity of renewal often means remembering there is an ebb and flow to life. I can’t live as an on-the-go person all the time or be part of every group or ministry or organization even if I believe in its cause. I’m thankful that renewal often comes with the changing of the seasons and causes me to pause and remember I am only helpful to others and the things that get me excited if I take time to slow some days. Slow isn’t bad....

Whether your life is full of movement or in a stand still, I hope you have time to hop on over to About Proximity. And if not, I'll still love you. But, really, you should go...

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