Saturday, May 10, 2014

Grateful jar and yellow nail polish

Right now, I'm grateful for yellow nail polish. I'm grateful for more than that but it helps to have something tangible.

That's what I like to do even though I'm not very good at it.

I try to remember to remember so I can turn my heart toward gratefulness again.

I keep lots of jars in my house and I fill them with pieces of paper and sometimes coins.

Some of them are for prayers because I do better with praying for people when there's something tangible written down. Like the yellow nail polish thing.

{ Side note: yellow nail polish is a tangible way for me to remember I am actually a joyful person even if some days I make art that doesn't have any yellow in it and it's abstract and with lots of dark colors. If you like dark and abstract art, I'm not knocking it, but I have a book on my desk called The Persistence of Yellow and I just happen to like yellow a lot. }

Some of my jars are for money and these are somehow the smallest ones and it doesn't help that I keep taking out quarters to go to the beach or vacuum my car but I will make it to the Cayman Islands someday but at the rate my collecting is going, I am going to need a few dozen more Cayman Jars.

Some of my jars (okay, maybe just one because again, I am not very good at remembering to put stuff in this one) are for writing down things that bring me joy and things I'm thankful for -- this can be pretty much anything and they are interesting to go back and read because it's whatever is going on at the time like one said "for starting to clean my closet!" I know that seems inconsequential but cleaning my closet is a major ordeal as perhaps it is for you so when I embark on this journey, it is a thankful moment.

I decided to revisit this jar tonight because it's always good to remember and see God's faithfulness even in small ways. I was documenting the 1000 gifts process for awhile on here but got away from it. It's a constant work in progress, the act of seeing and remembering. Even though there is 'dark and abstract' everywhere, there is light and yellow nail polish, too.

- for art and creating even on hard days
-new babies of my sweet friends and how you bring life! Babies on the way for long awaited friends
-that in your presence is fullness of joy
-good news for friend’s mom’s cancer
-Friday bible study girls who encourage
-new job and how You provide!

-flowers from my favorite parents
-mom who talks to me even though we get disconnected twice
-getting to laugh with old church girls
-how You heal, redeem, comfort
-getting to go to conference and learning about human trafficking
-serving at church – getting to know friends who have been a light and laughter to me
-old Sarah and Julie videos
-lots of sweet friends who bless my life all the time
-new bamboo plant (replacing my old friend Aloe Plant)
-pandora stations that play great songs over and over -- reminder to celebrate.
anything is possible.
-reminder to celebrate again

inspired by five minute Friday prompt grateful -- linking with lisa-jo 


  1. I was doing that myself today - reading in my journal things I'd written down in the past. Now, in hindsight, I see God's work in my life and am so very grateful. I can't wholeheartedly join in on the celebration of yellow nail polish, but I do also keep jars of money sitting around. Maybe someday we'll both go on those trips we dream about. Thx for sharing yourself today.

    *an FMF neighbor -

  2. Encouragement. Thank you! I love the yellow nail polish idea :)

  3. Yay for making it into that jar! Love you, friend!