Sunday, April 27, 2014

To be sure

I came across an old post by one of my favorites on what it means to want to know people and also not.
I like writer Emily Freeman for many reasons but especially when she puts to words how I am a walking contradiction most days.
Emily talks about what it might mean to live in a room by ourselves. Yeah, we think we want that, but we don't...most of the time anyway.
Most of the time we want to know others and be known, or that's what we're striving for. Unless that's scary and exciting, which it is. Unless it's difficult and messy, unless friendships and true, real relationship and communing with others might be the best thing and also the hardest.
We go through seasons, I think. Seasons when there's confusion in the midst of joy -- or is that all the time?
Seasons where we feel like pulling back but eventually, messiness and all, we come back to life, all over again.
Friendship is one of God's best gifts to us...To.Be.Sure.
I write about it when I should be sleeping and I remember again that it's true.
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  1. So true. Especially as a mother, I often long for time alone, but when it's given to me, it doesn't take long before I'm wanting back into all the noise and neediness and loveliness of life together with my family.
    *an FMF neighbor stopping by

  2. Thanks for coming by! It's nice to meet you, Debra! I understand and can relate to both of those perspectives :).