Friday, April 11, 2014

The year of paint

Art is like life. Messy and beautiful, but mostly messy. And confusing. Especially if it's my art. What is that is a common question asked, because I do awkward things like give away paintings as birthday gifts even though I have just as much artistic talent as I had in sixth grade and oh yeah, I've started to hang canvas paintings on the walls. It's delightful. And awkward. Only when new people come over. I thought it seemed just fine until I got the questions and looks.

Isn't that like life? So many questions. Art confuses me because it is undefined. I like words because they give me boundaries. Words are something I understand.

I don't understand art. Painting. And yet, I've become drawn to it.

I'm drawn to the way I don't have to be perfect and there is a freedom in messing with color and doing something that is so not me that you almost have to laugh. Something that is not you can become you if you're not careful. AKA there are canvas paintings all over the place.

I'm all for considering the ways we can make art with life (read this book for more on that!) and the beauty of risking with creativity, but let's be honest, I'm still not very visually artistic. This is okay. I will keep on painting and believe me, it has been the year for paint. Let me know if your birthday is coming up, I will be sure to paint you a picture.

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  1. I love this post!!! And I love art! And I love life and, yes, it gets quite messy. It's messy right now, in fact, and your post just lifted my spirits. Thank you! Oh! And, by the way, my birthday is August 13th. Paint me a picture! ;)

  2. Keep going! Love doing art stuff too, even though I have not much talent. Even my daughter's canvases end up looking beautiful no matter what, its the thought that counts for sure!

  3. LOVE the name of your blog. I'm a mercy girl too. And yes...making art with our life, taking risks, leaning into the uncomfortable. I'm with you. So with you in that.

  4. :) Make, make, make! Paint, paint, paint! :) And then show us your work!

  5. Thanks for your sweet comments! You encourage me!