Tuesday, March 18, 2014

On which I become a journalist again

I met a lady who has a parrot this weekend. A parrot who nibbles on her shoes. She said she's already had to replace one pair. Parrots have the developmental age of a three-year-old, she said, so it feels like disciplining a child. What a curious thing. I'd never met anyone who owned a parrot.

I saw a man in a pizza parlor earlier this weekend wearing a kilt. This reminded me of bagpipes and my love for bagpipes. The man didn't have bagpipes, so he looked sorely out of place getting pizza -- at least to me -- but I'm partial to bagpipes.

I finally took some time to read a book I started, oh, a few months ago. I've gotten in a bad habit of starting books and putting them away for later. I can't explain it. Sitting down to read again, I realized I've missed it.

I listened to a trailer for Where'd You Go Bernadette? that I also need to finish. A book trailer. This.Is.Amazing.

I talked to friends about taking part in a book I'm writing starting in which I become a journalist again -- one of my friends corrected me as I misquoted myself on the title. "Didn't you say this was your book title...?" Busted. Lesson learned: when your title has a large number in it, write it down, tattoo it on your forehead, keep post-its with the number so you will sound like the project is actually in gear.

Stay tuned. It's beginning. And it's about you, you, and also you. So I might ask you to take part. Get excited.

PS: I ate a lot of green cookies today. Never mind the food coloring, they were legit. I love St. Patrick's Day and my mom for teaching me to dance around like a leprechaun all my life on this holiday and did I mention green cookies?

These stories of my life are a journal of thanks. 

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  1. Such a fun post! Made me realize how each person throughout the course of our day, plays a role in our lives. Glad I was your neighbor at Playdates. Have a great Tues.!

    1. I love it. So true. Each person does play a role; we have to choose to pay attention. Thanks for coming over -- can't wait to check out your blog. Have a great week, too!

  2. Oooh. Exciting things are a-brewing!

    1. Yes. Stay tuned..maybe I can convince you to take part? ;)