Sunday, March 9, 2014

On risking God is always good and unpublished posts

I've been off the grid for a bit. I feel God nudging me to leave more room in other areas of my life and it just so happens it's Lent, when people give up things. I haven't gone completely cold turkey with social media but I'm trying to tone it down for personal use and focus on other things, and in most ways, I don't miss it.

I miss you, reader-friends.

So, I'm glad for a little risk rejection, even if I'm late for the party.

I realize connection is an integral part of my life, but as soon as I said good-bye to Facebook * (for personal use, mainly), I have wanted to take some breathers from other aspects of online, too.

It's good to come back though, to remember the good reasons why I blog and to share with you an exciting discovery from today.

You should never consider yourself a blog failure. That's encouraging, right?

I had a fun day with my friend Ashley as we came across tons of old blog drafts I never posted, most of which had only a few words or some incomplete thoughts to leave you hanging as well as finding four other blogs that I once started at some point in the last several years. Most, if not all, I don't even remember creating. One of the blogs had no posts. No posts! I wrote a draft and never published it in one. You should probably search the web right now for that blog.

I found a few drafts from my current blog that were at least somewhat complete.

Why not publish some of these gems, I thought?

This one was from a year ago today and it's not as ridiculous as some of the others, which is a plus. I thought you might enjoy learning how it relates to me and my current risk rejection.

here. we. go. : march 8, 2013

I read a sobering article today about forgiveness. At the end of it, the author challenged readers to prepare yourself for times in the future you would have to forgive during the darkest times.

It is easy to forgive under light circumstances, when life still gives off an aftertaste of sweetness. How much harder to forgive in the hardest of times?

My friend once told me we were in one of two places in life: either going through a valley or getting ready to go through one. This stuck with me for some reason. I can agree with it, even though at times I want to add to it. But, the reality is that it is not abnormal to go through valleys. In fact, we should expect them. this does not mean we can't enjoy sweet times.
We are on a journey Home but in the meantime there are valleys.

"Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you." -1 Peter 4:12

"Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness." James 1:2-4


Where is the risk rejection part in there?


In the valley. In the preparation for the valley. When you've found water. 

I just repeated this phrase again this past week, actually. The idea that we're in one or two stances in life: either going through a valley or getting ready to go through one. I hadn't thought of it for a long time but at a Bible study, we were talking about bearing one and other's burdens. I began to think about the idea of going lower with people, to recognize that we all experience valleys. That if we're not in one, we will be. This is actually some of the best news I can tell myself, not actually gloomy, but hopeful. Because I dare remind myself how much I am in need of his mercy. Not just then, but then I remember my limitations. Again and again. He becomes more.

It's so easy in the good times to forget. I ask myself to risk God is good not just when all looks good but to tell the honest truth about who he is always and can I live not fearful of the next valley but thankful he is with me no matter what the terrain looks like.

"The child of God knows that the graced life calls him or her to live on a cold and windy mountain, not on the flattened plain of reasonable, middle-of-the-road religion." -Brennan Manning

*In case anyone wonders, if a person tries to log back into their account and gets locked out, you might never get back in because the process is very thorough and includes friends receiving notifications for you and sending you numerical codes. In other words, Facebook likes to masquerade as the CIA.

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  1. :-) Hi Julie. I love reading your posts because the words always speak right to me. really do. and i'm with you on fb... honestly that platform is worse than the CIA. It knows everything about everybody. Eeek.

  2. Oh, love to hear from you, Leslie! Thanks for your kind words, friend. Have a great week.

  3. "You should never consider yourself a blog failure."

    Yes! one connection is worth it. My father in law said something so profound the other day that has had me thinking since.

    He said. "It is not possible to share the true gospel and maintain a large audience." "In the final hours, even Jesus was left in the upper room with only his disciples. The large crowds that followed in him during his Sermon on the Mount days had all faded away."

    This is so true.

    "I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over ONE sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance." Luke 15:7

    Keep up the blogging. I am reading.


    1. I am so thankful for those words, God definitely puts people in our path to share insights and his word at the right time. Thank you, friend, for reading, and have a great week.

  4. I have totally been pulling back from social media myself lately. I didn't mean to and don't really want to, but it just sort of happened.

    I'm thrilled you dug into your unpublished posts. Sometimes I do that. I go back and look at all the old stuff from years ago. It's just fun to see where I was then and now.

    I love this post it is full of passion and personality.

    1. Thanks Amy! That's a great perspective on looking back on your posts. I have come a long way; my first blogs were a lot of making note of my day-to-day life in stream of consciousness form...oh, wait, that still happens...:)