Friday, February 28, 2014

What the little bitties need

Four-year-old baby girl with her wide smile and big eyes asked me if I knew how to dance. Apparently not like that, because she had some kind of moves. 
This wasn't the first time I'd been to a counseling session in a family's home where MTV was blaring in the background, little bitties getting their share of BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z and learning how to shake it like other people I probably should know, right alongside trying to learn their ABC's.
I read a blog today, and I think it's good stuff (most of it). I don't like to combat other people's writing, this isn't a space for that. I also believe it's important to speak truth into places in society that need change and I'm glad for this blogger rising up for that.
But, after reading and thinking about my work, I think there's something we need to wake up to in a larger sense, that maybe we're forgetting about, that is harder to face when we have to stare at it with our own eyes.
The people who need to hear the message about the trashy lyrics in the songs on the radio are the ones that likely won't.
Because they can't.
They are little bitties who don't read yet.
Yes, there are intelligent adults who are capable and well meaning and "oh, yeah, I shouldn't be filling my ears with that," and maybe there's a few teenagers out there who read or hear about the denigration of their generation. But doubtful.
Surely, this message is for parents. I get that.
But, the ones who NEED to hear it are the babies. Not true babies, but in the eyes of the world, and in my eyes, they are babies. They are still getting their first scrapes. They are still learning to ride the bus.
Yet they are hearing and seeing things that define them way too early and it's because of a million little things, songs, but not just songs. I hate it. 
I write about this with passion because I know they were made for more. 

I'm super tired of this being their reality. I want THEM to get the chance not just read about what's destroying them, but to get to hear something different, to see something different.

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  1. Hey, Julie, I think you make a point that pertains to a lot of what bloggers share. I feel very preached at, sometimes, and have to just tell myself: I'm not the intended audience here. Then I hightail it.

    1. Yes..good point, friend. Thanks!

  2. OOf. Well said, friend. Well said. :(

    1. Thank's good to hear from you, as always!