Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow garden and homemade valetines

Big flakes. Ohio-home flakes.




into the south's long awaited snow garden.

Snow makes me think of Ohio-home and family I love, but these past few days I've been hibernating with NC friends watching the south battle the treacherous snowpocalypse, creating videos and talking some good talk about making our own Olympics or doing something constructive.

Instead, we threw a few snowballs and called it a day, watched the snow some more and movies and athletes battle the slopes.

It's a tough life.


But someone's got to live it.

I heard tomorrow's some kind of love holiday? Just in case this holiday gives you the bad vibes: here are a few jokes for you...think third grade style knock-knock joke.

:: What do you call a very small valentine?
A valentiny! ::

:: What is the most loving vegetable?
Lettuce, it has the most heart::

::Knock knock?
Who's there?

Frank who?
Frank you for being my FRIEND. ::

And some homemade ones, attached for your viewing pleasure:

I love you in many languages, friends.

Jet a'dore (I love you in French) sounds like 'shut the door' if you aren't careful. Try it a few times.

I do love you, friends, I'm not asking you to shut the door. Except if it's drafty, then maybe I am.

I'm okay if we don't go all out for this holiday and perhaps if we stop using red (notice the red background on my valentine -- I can't make up my mind!). Nevertheless, it's fun to show people some love and valentine's day gives me an excuse to put my (stellar) artistic talents to good use.

Happy vday, friends, you are loved.

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  1. Love this! Beautiful imagery (aaand the jokes made me laugh ;)

    1. So glad, Sarah Jo :). Happy belated Valentine's Day! xo

  2. I love sharing silly jokes with my husband he is at work :) Tomorrow he took the day off for our Valentine wedding anniversary. Stay safe and warm in all your snow!

    1. Thanks, Mindy! That's fun, I am so glad you guys get to take some time to celebrate! Have a good week!

  3. Replies
    1. Haha...Hope you had a happy day, friend!

  4. My daughter is joke crazy... she will totally go for these! I hope you are warm and comfortable in this crazy winter that keeps going.

    1. Oh I love it. I (clearly) also love silly jokes. Today was warm! It was amazing. But yes, same to you. You live up north?