Monday, February 10, 2014

From the shadows

"I'm tired of aching. I'm tired of being met in brokenness and need. I'd like a little resurrection, thanks. But it's not Easter yet.

"The only way to resurrection is the way of death." -Kimberlee Conway Ireton

I told her that her book (Cracking Up) was speaking words of hope to me. Right then. Not even through with it yet. In the midst of pain and more unnerving headaches, I was remembering this book that was sent to me in the mail because I won some drawing -- nothing I expected to win. 

Some words about a crisis of faith and pain and sorrow in one woman's life reminded me of what it was to bleed humanity but also live chasing hope and Truth -- and I'm still in the middle of it -- of her book and my own story of chasing hope. Of trusting He knows the way.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot overcome it!
Kimberlee wrote this to me on the inside cover when she signed it.
And Romans 8:28.

How did she know that I chase the light, too?
That the darkness tries to overthrow me, my joy, at times?

That pain gets too much -- that all the right answers are not the answers I want and I want God to deliver me,

from the spots where there are only shadows.

Oh how did she know I pray and I trust and Truth tells me God will make good anyway?

Where are you today, friend?

I pray that you get a sense of mercy and grace beyond textbook answers and pat responses to the complexities going on in your life and that God brings you someone to enter in it with you. May the promise that God is always with you fill you with real, true hope.