Saturday, February 22, 2014

Boggle and running from strangers, only kidding

I liked to play Boggle when I was little. Okay, still do.
Here goes:
Shake, shake, shake.
{Stop peeking}. Shake.
Wanna see some words I found?

: : :

I'm starting to learn God asks of me what I have.


I have words.

I don't always say it well. It doesn't come out right.

To the girl at the deli counter when I didn't have a valentine to share (yes, I was giving them out to strangers).

Sometimes we think we don't have anything to give people and our empty hands are the very thing that causes us to get creative.

No one spoke of the silly knock-knock jokes I told her last week when I went into the deli today. I'm sure she liked it -- it was like a singing telegram only better because I'm not great at singing.

She was having a bad day and it felt risky. She smiled and told me she loves jokes about pickles (it was a deli after all) and she would use that one again.

Risky like I felt when I gave complete strangers valentines later in the day when I decided to carry more around with me, in case another opportunity arose and I had to go off the cuff again. Complete strangers, in case you're wondering, means I've never even said a word to you, opposed to I've talked to you for a few minutes.

As much as I like people, I literally walked away and turned back around during one encounter, forcing myself to do what was uncomfortable for me in order to give out something that was only semi-uncomfortable coming from a stranger -- encouraging words.

Don't we like to give people things -- and this is good, too, but what of learning people's names and what of it being a normal occurrence that they know they are loved?

PS: I didn't stick around long enough to learn most of the people's names for these events. Possibly because they were awkward situations and as much as I seem to bend into awkward, even that was enough for me.

: : :
Have an awkward situation with strangers?

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  1. Hi! I'm visiting from 5MF today. You are very brave to walk up to strangers and hand out valentines. Brave and AWESOME. I bet that made their day. It would make mine for sure! I will take a valentine's card any day of the year. lol

    1. Haha, well thank you for all the kind words! And good point! We should start a random valentine giving service at weird times of the year. By mail. So I don't have to continue the awkward -- but it seems I'm sort of good at that...nice to meet you!

  2. Awkward... Yup, that about sums me up. :) I love this message, very much.

  3. Uh, every single day... :). But at least I smile a whole lot when I feel uncomfortable.... So hopefully I'm not too scary!

  4. Kudos for sharing Valentine's with strangers. My grade 3 daughter has a random act of kindness secret mission this week. I have to share your idea with her. Thanks for sharing!
    Natalie @

  5. Well this is super cool. I can lack lots of bravery going up to strangers. I heard a story recently of a man who gives out a handwritten letter every day to someone. This really hit me because I love to write letters...maybe instead of talking about it I should do it. :) Thanks for the smile. Blessings to you.