Friday, January 31, 2014

Heroes and bee stings

My hero friends -- have twins spilling beads on the floor and spreading Nutella on their face or toddlers putting paint in their hair and it probably doesn't look like a hero-life to them, but they know how to love well and they amaze me every time.

They have time to bake me cakes for parties of people they don't even know even when they have their own families and they call me when I send text messages that say things like I'm sitting stranded in an airport all day.

And my friends who will be moms soon but we wonder why it's not yet, they are my heroes in ways they won't know. I hope I can sit with them long enough to know it's okay to cry and that they keep having courage to not give up.

Heroes come in all forms in our life, sometimes even the people who get to know you through childhood and know all your battle scars and all your victories. They get to be the warriors to love you and fight for you no matter what (mom)and (dad). I'm thankful for my parents.

If you know anyone who will not let you give up, who constantly is optimistic, this is the ultimate blessing and is also kind of frustrating. My dad loves to remind me, whenever possible, about my bee sting.

Are you facing a problem? The story of the bee sting can help you, quote unquote dad.

When I was fifteen or something crazy like that, I was playing high school tennis and in the middle of a point, WHILE MOVING MIND YOU (y'all, this stuff happened to me even back then), I got stung by a bee right at my eye. I mean, it was bad news. It hurt and I don't think I could see for a second, but I didn't quit playing or get off the court. My dad remembers the story better than me. Everyone thought I would stop because of the infraction but I went on to win a three setter, and by the time I went home my eye was a huge puff ball. I looked like I got beat up.

My dad reminded me of this story yesterday, again. He likes to bring it up about every other year when I'm in the middle of something challenging.

I still think it was a fluke. My dad considers it more like resilience. I mostly hate resilience. Bouncing back is not fun.

But, I think it's true, even if I don't want to admit it. I know I have a long way to go and can't get there at all without Christ working in me, but I want to be a person who fights through bee stings and does not sit it out. There is a time for that, but being puffy eyed and looking ridiculous is no match for a ball coming at you and well, you need to hit it.

That's what you do. When a ball comes at you, you hit it. Bee sting or not.

I don't think I'm a hero for playing it out with the bee sting. My dad is more the hero in the story for believing in me that much that it stuck out to him when I certainly forgot about it after that day. But I think we have to celebrate victories. And if I could find the picture with my face three times its size that day to show you all, I would. You would love it.

Friends, please tell me a ridiculous story about you from high school...and show me pictures if you have them. Thanks.

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  1. Hi!!! I found you on Lisa-Jo's five minute fridays!! I love your post. It was hard for me to consider choosing one hero, for I too have so many. My parents, as well, have always been there for me and I am so thankful!! :) Love your blog and can't wait to read more!! You can swing over to to check out more about me as well!! Thanks for writing!

  2. Thanks, Heather! Great to meet you! Can't wait to learn more about you, too!

  3. Great story! My Mother in Law says if the devil's leaving you alone, he's already got you. Pleased to make your acquaintance via Blue Cotton Memory. :)

    1. That's a good thought! Thanks for coming by, I am really glad we've connected, Brandee :).

  4. i kept thinking and thinking about a ridiculous story... and then i remember the time i auditioned for my high school musical. it was a tap dancing number and i never EVER tap danced before. so i just winged it, arms flailing, feet shuffling.... i thought i looked alright, but my friend told me later that it looked like i was spasming on stage. :( needless to say... i didn't get in the musical.. :)

    1. Haha, this made me laugh! Looking back, I have no idea how I was in high school musicals. I was always in the chorus, but stil! I could not tap dance to save my life now.