Sunday, January 19, 2014

Carnvial wedding, circus wedding

I caught the end of Bridesmaids tonight. I've never seen it but as my life would have it, I flipped it on right as this girl was attempting to get pulled over/arrested to a talk to a cop. Even though this was one of my many 'theories' of awesome risks to take this month, I wasn't sure anyone would do it in real life (because clearly the movies mimic real life). Well, lo and behold, I was wrong.

Here's a clip from the movie to get you thinking about branching out a little bit.

"I'd like it to be like a carnival. People win prizes for guessing the bride's weight. Dunk tanks..."

"You could have elephants and the bride and groom could walk on a little tightrope."

"What you're talking about there, that's a circus wedding."

I won't spoil this love story for you, and I now need to watch the beginning to better understand the ending, but somehow it involves cake, policemen, and a possible (but not actual) warrant out for her arrest.

Let's just say it's great to see your ideas played out in the movies.

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