Tuesday, January 7, 2014

As Boring As New Carpet

Baby, it's  cold outside...

It's cold everywhere. And my hair is wet. I have to leave in 20 minutes. Nothing urgent. Doctor's appointment. But still. I don't want to experience icicle hair so I have five minutes for writing this and ten minutes for grooming (my hair is thick!) and five more minutes for bundling up. We will see how well this time management strategy works.

I always get inspiration at the wrong times.

Like last night. When I was cold and wasn't sure if my heat was working right. 

It's all good, don't worry, there are people who live outside who have it much worse, but I discovered last night when the temps got colder than they have in a long, long time in NC that a fear of mine might be freezing to death.

Time check. I'm down to three minutes.

I had so many important things to talk about today, I promise. Sometimes I feel like my life is interesting and then I read your blog posts and you chart out your days like champs and right now I am unemployed (who loves mental health?!) and I feel like all I have to show for myself some days is a new thermostat (thank you very much maintenance guy who had to see me in my pajamas) and new carpet. The new carpet was last year though. But I still like it and want to vacuum it everyday. I think I will go vacuum it right now.

I'm out of minutes.

my computer just froze. 

It's not just cold outside, apparently.

OH, and I didn't even tell you the important thing of the day.

I am blogging with friends this month about risk and rejection.

(Don't you like how I squeeze that in there at the end?)

I am so out of time. I can't even tell you how sorry I am that I can't talk about how much I love risk and how much I adore rejection. Guess you'll have to stop by Thursday to find out more.

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  1. I must say…I love vacuuming new carpet.

  2. I love to vacuum too but I hate vacuums. They are always breaking... just got myself a new one. :) I'm looking forward to coming back tomorrow. Your post made me smile.

  3. Got rid of every smidgen of carpet in the house and don't miss vacuuming at all :) Well, maybe a little. I can be satisfying in an odd sort of way. Love your post and sense of humor. Will be back tomorrow!

  4. Can't wait to read your #riskrejection post! And I loved reading this!

  5. Thanks for the love everyone!