Tuesday, December 31, 2013

When in Philly, Order Crabfries...5 Things I Learned in December

I'm back from my 11 day escapade which included flying to Ohio and Wisconsin. Some people go to sunny Florida or on cruises for the holidays. I go to two of the coldest places, one of which had a wind chill of negative 20 when we left. It was "too cold to snow." But there was snow on the ground in both places so we had a white Christmas.

It started with a flying adventure that took me from a cancelled flight in North Carolina to Philly to eating my first ever cheese steak (minus the cheese...maybe that's why I didn't find it to be so good) and ended with a super fun wedding. I'm now exhausted but it was worth it to get to dance for hours on end with family and watch the brother and new sister-in-law get married!

In December I learned:

1. You can take too much video content on your phone. Which I did. 79 videos later. 79 videos?!?

2. I apparently never delete anything off my phone. This has to be done if you like to take videos as much as me.

3. People generally like to be your friend in airports. The world seems to stop (at least for me) in airports. Be careful, this can be good or bad, both the friend thing and the time thing. Out of all my plane adventures, including walking a mile for the cheesesteak, I never missed a flight! Met some new friends in line for crab fries, didn't miss a flight.

4. I learned Wisconsin is magical. It felt like Narnia to me. Everywhere was snow and lots of it. It was Christmas time still and beautiful lights and amazing views from the sky (I took pictures, of course). Except for the negative 20 temps, I didn't want to leave.

5. Rest is good. Time away is good. Coming back is good. Celebrating is good. See below.

It's New Year's time. Womp womp.

For your information, I don't like New Year's much. I never have. It's always a let down after Christmas, my most favorite time of the year. And I am not much for coming up with resolutions or a 'word' for the next year. But the past couple years, God's been showing up, as He often does when my rebellious self comes along, and He as given me something to grab ahold of for the new year. Last year it was brave. Of course, like most things I like to oppose, I struggled a bit along the way. Being brave is not my favorite thing, unless it looks how I'd like it to (smell the teansy bit of internal defiance?). Brave this year meant showing up when I didn't want to, sitting it out and resting when I needed to, letting go when it was time.

This year I think God might be calling me toward the word celebrate. Sounds nice, right? I'll let you know.

Celebrating when all is right in the world, easy enough. Everyone loves the days and years and holidays that are merry and full and bright. But what about when you're living on little and it's too hard to feast?

God shows up in our lack. He is always making life from death and giving us reason to celebrate, but it looks different than what we imagine.

Most days, celebration-living is the just barely normal and get through the day kind. I'll hang out with you on those days, too.

But, remember, I'll throw paper with you when it's the celebrate with confetti kind. And then I'll take videos to record it.

Happy (hear the enthusiasm?!) New Year, however it may look.

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Question: What did you learn in December?


  1. I'm not sure I've heard many people say they think Wisconsin is magical so that made me smile. I'm in Chicago...LOTS of snow here tonight. I do find it magical until I need to get out there and shovel. LOL. I stopped in not too long ago for the first time and glad to be here again. Looking forward to getting to know you in 2014.
    Many blessings,

  2. Oh, how funny..yes, it's oh-so-cold up north right now. I think it helped that the whole trip I was driven around and dropped off at the door (we were in dresses). I look forward to reading more of your words in 2014, too!

  3. "God shows up in our lack. He is always making life from death and giving us reason to celebrate, but it looks different than what we imagine."

    Yes. This is so true.

    I love your thoughts on celebration here.