Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November Learnings

1. I don't need anymore stuff. There's a squish ball here. A set of finger paints over there (I work with kids). Perhaps I need a real office...

I borrowed a Christmas tree this year. And ornaments. From two different people. Please don't hate.

Christmas is my favorite. Not stuff.

Allison Vesterfelt, can we be friends?

I will pay someone (or even better, barter) to help me get rid of more stuff.

maybe not the dancing pumpkin...
2. Or my plants. I'm sad to say my aloe plant didn't make it for the winter. The transition indoors did not come soon enough. Oh, visit from Jack Frost. Oh, poor aloe plant. I cannot show you the after picture. I have learned my lesson about timing for plants in the cold.
3. Ellie Holcomb songs on repeat cure a headache. Okay, they don't cure a headache but this and her other songs sincerely ministered to me this month when I was a pitiful speciman who lost chunks of days. Those songs were life-giving. Thank you, God.
4. Along the lines of music, Sara Bareilles cracks me up. She may be one reason Twitter isn't completely overrated (yet). And she's a great musician, too. I have watched this one about 500 times.
5. Pain teaches me things, and better yet, brings me closer to my need and my savior. Even when it's beyond ridiculous.
6. It's a good idea to put your list of what you learned for the month in a special spot especially if you're traveling or organizing. Hence the shorter list.
linking up with emily and sabrina to fill you in on what I've been learning lately. let's hear it for online community! 
What have you been learning? And for the love, has anyone else experienced the death of {the closest thing to} a cactus? They are supposed to be the hardest plants to kill, ever...
...I think it's all over, but I just want to be sure.


  1. I really loved this post and I clicked through to your post on pain - oh my, how I needed to read that! The video is amazing. Thank you for linking up with us, so glad you joined us!

  2. Thanks Ruth! I feel the same about your writing. I appreciate the link-ups, glad they are back!