Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Just a day in the clouds...

Yes. That right there would be (four) different angles of the clouds from outside the plane window.

I love! (with an exclamation point in the middle of a sentence) clouds.

If I am on a plane and there is a beautiful view like the one above, I can do nothing more than get out my phone and hope the flight attendant does not walk by as I snap away. I think that's allowed, right? It was in airplane mode.

Today, although it's a day late, I'm unwrapping the lovely here with emily and others at chattingatthesky for Tuesdays Unwrapped. What better way than with the clouds?

I want to live in the clouds. Is that bad? I feel like all the concerns of the world just fade away when I stare out at their beauty.

When I was little I dreamt of walking on clouds made of cotton candy. I can live my life in daydreams at times so sometimes reality bites. You can't walk on the clouds, Julie, I discovered. It would be quite silly to try.

Wanna know a secret? Sometimes, when I'm flying and I see them right beside me..I feel for a second it's true. For a moment in time, the clouds really are made of cotton candy and I can walk on them without falling.


  1. I love clouds too! I could lay outside on a warm day and stare at them and think random thoughts until dark...Flying above them was amazing and I agree that it looks like you could just walk on them. Made the thought of Heaven all the more real being among them.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts... Now I want to go back up:). Sounds like you would like to come with?!