Thursday, October 31, 2013

Speaking of Leaves

I might be slightly obsessed with leaves at the moment.

It all started with me seeing this awesomeness in a cup.

Then I went on a nature walk.
Here is a view of some Halloweenish things I found along the way. 

The best find on my walk? This little tree. Symbolizes hope and new life.

Leaves, leaves, leaves!


My favorite leaf, I kept it as a momento.
Happy 31 days! To celebrate leaving the series of adventures (this time around), I thought that everything in my life would just have to include leaves of some sort. Leaves on the ground. Leaves in real life --  which would happen on October 31, like so many other significant things. I don't understand this phenomenon, but true story. These creative adventures have taught me there are times you have to let the free fall happen.
Last adventure (for now)...

Can you find the one falling leaf?
Sometimes I feel like this. Do you?
The wind pulled the leaf from its once comfortable home, 
BUT it'll find a new place to land.
AND for this moment in time,

I t  w i l l  f r e e  f a l l.

. . . .


Where you see crisis, He may bring creativity.

Art -- and the Artist -- are in our dreams. In what we love. In our disappointments. In the moments of catastrophe. In our leaves.

He is in all.
 *thank you to my neighbor as she encouraged all my leaves-talk and her daughter, who gave me her Halloween candy.

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