Saturday, October 26, 2013

Paint Your Pet

I am sorry, I find this funny.
Painting your pet, is that a thing? I did not know.
I learn something new every day.
Art astounds me.
Art is great, even when it includes pet painting, whether I think it makes a whole of sense or not.
I used to think abstract art was the kind of art that didn't make sense, but that is not true.
Your art is not going to make sense to people, necessarily.
I am sure my art will not make total sense to you all the time. I don't have to wonder, I am sure. It still works out.

I don't know how many times I've said it on here, but I disliked art with passion growing up.
The kind of passion that draws people to draw or paint or sculpt, yeah, I had that kind of passion to avoid art and the art room.
Art phobia?
If there is such a thing, it's gone. I think 99 percent.
I like art....

Okay, there's still a tiny part of me who wonders even after 31 days of talking about creativity and adventures and throwing some art talk in there, if I've done any 'art.'
But I believe people who talk about the act of making art with life and I see it showing up everywhere and I start to believe God when there is a unique way He made me with interests and ways that art can spill out.
AND I look at the paint-a-pet and how it was someone's unique idea and their interests and definite love of pets is getting to spill out in a way I am sure people love, too.
So there.

Need an adventure?*
(Taken from Room to Write): What do you fear (with art)? Write about it.

"...describe it in concrete and specific detail."

For all you non-writing folk or those attempting to play with other art forms (like me!), remember you can be creative with almost any prompt.
* I had other ideas but then I started talking about art phobia...

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