Friday, October 4, 2013

On Friends and Jumping for Joy

As I write this, I'm sitting at a pizza shop, in between work and the next event.  I was supposed to go to improv, but sometimes life becomes improv and you have to be flexible. Sometimes you have approximately five minutes to write a post because it feels like the pre scripted ones just won’t do.
So I had to post about what I'm doing right now.

This weekend I get to see some of my long-ago friends. And celebrate the wedding of one of them!
I’m linking up with emily today for imperfect prose, where people like you and me get together to talk about redemption.

Friends are part of my redemption story.

Not everyone gets to keep up with long-ago friends. It's been a gift.
I am not sure what all this all this has to do with creativity, but I know that the people in my life have had an influence on the calling on my life -- one of which is to write. People are important to include in our passions.

I've never felt like a lone writer. Maybe I include people a little too much in my writing (a.k.a. any friends from church I would like to interview because you are crafty and I am not).

Read this article for more.

Everywhere around you are the people who have shaped you and are shaping you. Some say you are an average of the five people you are with the most (source).  This might scare some of you...

But if you’re lucky, they’ll be a few along your way who are always your cheerleaders and you get to be in their lives and visit their homes and go to their weddings even after years and miles away.

Need adventure? Call a friend or two today. Be reminded of their awesomeness.

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