Monday, October 28, 2013

On Adventures

Sometimes this feels like my life, at least my work life:

Current life status -- I'm all adventured out.

Correction -- I'm all complicated adventured out.

Problem is, adventure is complicated.

Wikipedia (reputable source that it is) characterizes adventure as "an exciting OR unusual experience, a bold USUALLY risky undertaking, with an UNCERTAIN outcome."

I still want to choose...

When it seems unusual, risky, uncertain is who I meet. A lot.

Tis' life though. We choose whether to make all an adventure, even the messy, complicated parts.

Essentially I am forever writing about these topics in one way or another, about what happens when life interrupts and you get to choose what to do with it.  Last year I wrote about inviting the uninvited, this year creative adventures. You say tomato...

I've gotten better with the chaos in my work life and know it comes with the nature of the job, but finding balance is KEY. It's hard but it's needed. I am starting to say no more.

No No No No No.

It's a work in progress. I'm thankful for the journey.

These days, I'm making peace when the answer to some things has to be no.

No often makes space for what's needed, for where God has placed or is calling you and me.

Need an adventure? I'd like one of yours, please! Send me one that doesn't involve hitting, biting or anything else. Happy Monday!

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