Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kids Know Best?!

Need an adventure? Listen to some kids talk love. Then go do love.

Be amazed by the ones who say what they mean and tell the truth, unashamedly.

The ones who are some of the most creative beings.

Because this is tied together and somewhere down the line if we're not careful we start to lose this.

love is...

"when people like each other and do good things for each other and help out."

"love is when you love your nana."

"love is when you love a...crayon?"


  1. Hi Julie! Well, speaking as a Nana, I have to love that little girl!

    I wish I could understand that little one better, but the whole thing was so cute and funny. The kids were so uncomfortable! I guess all that mushy stuff is too much to think about, like the boy said. Baseball? Much easier!

    Cute video :)

  2. Oh, for sure! They made me laugh! Glad you enjoyed!