Monday, October 21, 2013

I've Always Wanted to...

This week is the week to try new things. 

I still want to curl up on my cozy couch because it was nice to take a creative break. You can do that when you write for 31 days on creative adventures and one of your adventures is to do just that. It's possible I might do it again within the context of these 31 days, sorry and I know I'm lame but that's the way it is, adventurers. Adventuring takes energy so I need some time to rest.

But, you're in luck, because today I got some junk email you're going to love. You can thank me later for subscribing to Meetup Groups once in order to find some people to play tennis with and now I get their endless emails for 'Motorcycle Riders' and "Line Dancing Addicts' and the like. Meetup groups, if you don't know about them, only confirm that there are people meeting out there in the world for everything you've possibly ever heard of in life.

I should really just unsubscribe to these emails, but they are quite entertaining at times and beneath my typical junk mail I finally found gold (this is becoming a theme):

The "I've Always Wanted to Try That Group! (with exclamation mark)"

I kept reading.

I will share with you some of what I found, 5 of my favorite legitimate events, courtesy of Meetup group, all rights reserved.

5. "I've Always Wanted to be in a Kick-Butt Djembe (African) Drum Circle!"

4.  "I've Always Wanted to Race in the Grand Prix at Rush Hour (Go) Karting!"

3. "Time for some Sushi" (this felt a bit out of context).

2. "I've Always Wanted to VOLUNTEER to Bake @ Ronald McDonald House"

1. "I Always Wanted to Play Hooky From Life and Go Snow Tubing for a Day!"

This makes me happy. Apparently, I've never done any of these things. Except I've had sushi but it still creeps me out most of the time, and I have been to the Ronald McDonald house to visit and really love what they do. I like how for every event no matter what it is these Meetup group people are so excited with their language. See word VOLUNTEER in all caps. I read it as GET EXCITED.

Do I get excited about new things, even small things? I don't see volunteering as an adventure, but it is. I mean 'playing hooky from life and going snow tubing for a day' sounds great, but what about other things?

There were smaller things on their event list that didn't make mine, trying Laotian food and going to First Friday downtown where there's a gallery walk of art exhibits.

I like big adventures. Truth be told, I'm not much for hang gliding or zip lining. I say this nonchalantly as if I do it all the time. But even if I don't do those things, I still like big adventures.

When I see the words "I've always wanted to try that!" I get excited, I think that for once I might be brave and play hooky from life and go snow tubing for a day (although this actually sounds terrible because I'd probably rather do an activity on water). Or I propose that I might follow through with my traveling-spirit, dreamer-heart and move out of my apartment or put my stuff in storage for a few months and go somewhere new.

I talked with a new friend the other day and she reminded me that God gives a spirit of adventure as a gift.

We can use it as such or we can abuse it, by leaning too far into our impulses or by squishing it all together.

It's good to dream, but today I'm asking God to reign in my dreams for His purposes.

Need an adventure? Make your own event list of things you want to try, big or little. Don't squash your lovely, unique, adventurous self, but remember to ask God to use your endeavors for His glory.

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