Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'd Rather be Sailing

The sign on my door currently says "Gone Sailing."

Just kidding, but it's a nice thought.

I'm still in the midst of resting.

When it's decent weather and I need to 'rest,' I will go hang by the water. The other day, I spent time at the pond next to where I live and one of our local North Carolina lakes. A far cry from the Great Lakes but still water.

My love for anything water started early but usually consisted of sun bathing on the beach or shoreline swimming. I was a teenager before I truly discovered how much I like boats.

Sailboats suit me. I like the peace and calm of the sailboat over motorboats. But there are times I think sailboats need to just get moving already! I remember being in the middle of a lake convinced I would be stuck out there all day. Sailing is often a waiting game.

I grew up without any knowledge of sailing and because I've only been out a few times with my friend Jodi, I still can only tell you few things about it. I knew when to duck my head and that falling over was likely.

I remember two things about sailing: the calm of the lake and tipping over.

I was helpless on the water. I had no idea what I was doing. Without my friend's help, I may still be out there on that lake.

Sailing reminds me that pausing to stand still isn't always bad. All that waiting requires steady patience, something that sailing -- and life -- has its unique way of teaching me again and again.

Need an adventure? Go sailing and take me with you...no, really.


Okay, if you can't go sailing, practice patience today. I will do the same.


  1. Ha ha! Love you, Julie, and I love sailing, too--what little I've done, that is! Come sail with me in Cayman!

  2. Ok..you don't have to twist my arm! :)