Monday, October 7, 2013

Have a Dream

Today was gloomy and rainy. A day made for a nap. Some days will be nap days instead of creative days.

Creativity often wakes up again after a little rest. I want this series to be authentic, so I'm trying to follow along with the adventures, too.

After a weekend states away with beloved college friends, my current transition-filled life is in full swing again. This can be good, I think, even though I may or may not have attempted to hop a new return flight yesterday. Cayman Islands, anyone?

I'm back to reality today, and I know that as the dust settles, I begin to see the joy in everyday moments. Even though the adventure of the airport was one to remember.

I give myself a few minutes to dream.

Need an adventure? Take a nap. Have some dreams. (courtesy of my dear friend, Ashley).

Where have your adventures taken you lately? Here's some of my recent faves.


-life is good


  1. Woohoo for your almost-trip to Cayman!

  2. Yes. What a nice moment that was, ha :).