Sunday, October 27, 2013

"Good paintbrushes open all doors."

There is a quote by Thomas Fuller:

"Good clothes open all doors."

Don't ask me why I remember this, but my sweet friend (who I got to see recently in Ohio -- horray!) used this quote in college. I have a funky memory sometimes. My friend Melinda says maybe I could write a memoir. Partly, I just like writing down interesting/funny things people say. As in, quote unquote "you could write a memoir." -Melinda. See?

The point of this story is that if good clothes can open doors, good paintbrushes can open even more. Try it.

I bought an assortment of what I consider good paintbrushes to use with my kiddos. I'd never had 'good' paintbrushes before, so I've been having fun with them myself. I'm sure the kids don't mind...

I'm not a visual artist, not a design person. I paint because its freeing and I like experimenting with color. It's a way to recharge. To respond to God as I put down my own agenda and pick up the paintbrush, as I follow alongside the beat of music. Painting is another freeing way to let go of the chaos and make space for God in a world and in a soul that is too noisy.

attempts at capturing life around the 'art table'

I've always known some of the best ways God gets through to me is with art, I just didn't know that He was inviting me to be part of that process. It's not just me hearing music, not just me writing because it's something I do. God shows me through art, through music, through His creation, through His Word, His love never fails.  Feet may fail, Christ's love never fails.

Let us praise Him! We're in a good adventure.

How is Christ working in you? = Adventure.

Want to be part of my memoir? = Adventure (ha ha!)

Like messy painting sessions? = Adventure.


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