Saturday, October 12, 2013

Girl Meets World {part 2} : A Few Favorites and Freedom

Yesterday, we adventured into thinking about some things that disturb us (perhaps?). This causes me to go into some unfriendly territory if I'm honest with myself.

I don't always know how to trace the hand of God but I know that my job is to trust. That He weaves together beauty from pain, how sometimes joy and grief are sidekicks in a story we don't always understand. 
My place is to trust.
And share the voice He's given me.
Here are a few other voices and songs I've heard lately that have been ringing in my ear as a call to live fully awake.

--Sara Bareilles, "Chasing the Sun"

"It’s a really old city
Stuck between the dead and the living
So I thought to myself, sitting on a graveyard shelf
And the gift of my heartbeat sounds like a symphony
Played by a cemetery in the center of Queens

...more than that, it's to dare us to move..."

--Sara Groves

She's been one of my favorites ever since her debut release of "Conversations" (how could I not love that?). She uses her voice for those who can't share their own or who have been silenced by oppression. Thankful to Sara and others who use their gifts to bring light to dark places.
--This video (thank you Storyline blog).

This girl is amazing and I would have never thought about painting on x-rays. I can't tell you how many x-rays and other medical tests I have had over the years for my spine. I still have them stored away in case someday, someone is able to make sense of them.
She shines light on dark places, and reminds us that it's okay -- actually beautiful -- when we see 'a picture of pain.'  As she says, "I don't think that should be hidden."
Need an adventure? Speak up..your voice matters.

Have you found freedom in bringing to light the places that have lived in the dark? I'd love to hear about it.

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  1. Hi Julie! This is just fascinating. What a creative spirit! And she is so right, it is the perfect ones that get no attention. It's the abnormal xrays that get all the attention. So much to think about here!

    And she does beautiful work too. I think writing a blog has brought out ideas that I have never thought needed 'air', but they keep coming, so I guess they do. It's quite a journey, as I'm sure you know.

    Thank you for sharing this. I have never seen anything like it.

  2. Ceil, glad it resonated with you.

  3. That painter has a beautiful story. She is certainly an artist. I love her truth about how people really can't know happiness unless they have known pain, then they can compare the differences. I sure have learned that lesson on so many levels in life. Thanks for sharing! Blessings to you! Love, Rachael @ Inking the Heart

  4. Hi, thanks so much for coming by Rachael! Great to hear from you. Glad you liked her story, it definitely stuck with me. Always fascinating to me how pain and joy intersect and how God somehow allows us to know deeper joy after knowing pain -- redemption and grace....