Friday, October 11, 2013

Girl Meets World {part 1}

I'm reading the book Awake by Noel Yeatts right now. It's a great book. I love this author and this might be my favorite sentence so far:

"Do they not know that 16.6 million children have been orphaned by AIDS? Do they not know that an entire continent is wasting away while we are playing baseball?" *

I'm constantly reminded that this is a broken world with broken systems. I should not be surprised when it's tough to keep a reliable job to help kids who are struggling, not in Africa, but in our backyards, because of the broken systems.

Noel says there will come a point when something in this world is going to disturb you, and not in a I'm-disturbed-because-I-am-not-getting-what-I-want kind of way.

But when you find out what thing (s) disturbs you, it will be a wonderful thing. Because then you will live with eyes wide open.

Injustice bothers me. Wreckage of families bothers me. A child without a home bothers me. Kids who don't know they are loved and cared about and thought about bothers people and mostly by the Creator of the Universe.

I used to live a comfortable life. Sometimes I still do, because there are times I'm away from it all, and I admit, it's easier to focus on me and my beyond blessed self.

Why? Because it's easier. If you are a young male who is rebelling against life, I probably don't have much in common with you, except basketball, and even then you will likely beat me. I do a little better with the girls, but they still might roll their eyes when they see me.

It's the honest truth. My job is not easy. No one's job is easy if it is doing something that disturbs you. I know that is a weird way to look at it. Maybe it's not your job, but something, somewhere in your life, are you a bit uncomfortable?

My story was Ohio cornfields, small town, two stop light college town.

Brokenness exists there, too. In this world, you get your choice of brokenness. It's everywhere. As for me, it's currently on the streets.

Here's the thing. I'm not sure I'm more creative because of the work I do (maybe?), but God has certainly created something in me with these last few years. One thing it's taught me: I know that I continue to need renewal and refreshment for the journey all the time. His grace.

What I'm doing, I see clearly that it all might change tomorrow. I have to be ready for that. But I'm thankful I know a few more things that disturb me and have woken me up.

Need an adventure? Figure out what disturbs you (if you don't already know).

*disclaimer: There's nothing inherently wrong with baseball. My favorite team is the Cleveland Indians.

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  1. Hi Julie,

    Nice to meet you. I'm hopping over from the IP link up. Sounds like a thought-provoking book. I've appreciated "The Hole in Our Gospel" and am now reading "Radical" by David Platt. Human trafficking is one of the things that gets me lit up with the need to do something, to raise awareness, to help fight. Tell me more about the ones you touched on lightly here that get you upset. What's your job too that you mentioned here about creativity?

    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Thanks for your thoughts and bringing up those books. Not sure if our other messages answered your questions about my work - thanks for being interested! I need to read The Hole in Our Gospel. I've heard of it but not read. So it's going on the long list of books to read.

  3. 'Wreckage of families bothers me' - yes, so many times yes!!! I am currently in a time of possible change, and am looking at my future employment options. Counselling has always been a career on my radar, perhaps as my 'when I grow up' job, and I'm now considering it as a possibility a lot sooner. Broken families capture and break my heart, having been from one as a child and taken part in creating one as an adult, and their restoration is my passion, however that looks for each family. I work with people whose lives have been adversely affected through some life experience, and know that I am working as God wants me to in being a part of their healing and restoration, so I totally understand what it is to 'figure out what disturbs you'. Broken people, in whatever situation, and particularly their feeling of helplessness and disempowerment. It seems that we as a culture have forgotten that we all have choices, and we both reap the benefits of those choices, and suffer the consequences, but at the end of the day, we are a product and result of our choices. We can't blame anyone else, and we have to be accountable. Understanding that goes a long way towards healing, and that is my passion, to encourage and help equip people to develop that understanding and employ it in their lives.
    Thank-you so, so much for this prompt, writing this comment has actually created a breakthrough for some things I've been trying to figure out of late!!