Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Eat the Mystery?

Here are some basic truths about me: I like to record funny things that happen (a running record of sorts: humor is good). I like creative things.

I've enjoyed talking about some of my favorite things this month. And talking about funnies that have come up in life. This is medicine for my soul.

But I read an article by Jon Bloom that was convicting this weekend and it helped reinforce that the point of all this gabbing about creativity and paint isn't to make you fall more in love with art. It's to help you and me see that it all this good stuff like music, writing, painting, our adventure-full lives, they point back to God. The point is to see the Artist behind it all.

It sounds simple but translation from head to heart is hard for me at times.

In the end, all my activities, my time reading blogs (and writing them!) cannot replace truth and the life giving word that needs to penetrate my heart every day. How it is so easy for me to live my life thinking I can make it on my own sustenance. I know it's not possible, yet I try.

I can either choose to live in the grace he supplies for today -- to eat the manna he gives -- or I can search out my own way.

The gifts I pour out, what I can do, my life, is nothing apart from him.

Everything about this series still hinges on remaining connected to the one who gives life.

Jesus plus nothing still equals everything. Do I believe this? Is he all I need for today, and the next day and every day I breathe life?

If not, there is nothing left to pour out. I need to eat the manna, the mystery -- even when I don't understand, even when I'm curious about grace for tomorrow. His grace for today is sufficient. I need to trust the Giver who gives me all of life and from whom all good gifts come.

Search my heart, Lord. This is my adventure for today. 

Psalm 139:23-24

I pray you find your own unique adventure for where you are today....


  1. 'Jesus plus nothing still equals everything.'

    I love this, thank-you xx

  2. Thank you : ). Great to have you come by!!