Thursday, October 10, 2013

31 Days Stories and Fuzzy Concepts

In essence I feel like my writing always involves story (and fuzzy concepts).

Last two 31 days: Loving the Middle Space = fuzzy concept 1
Inviting the Uninvited = fuzzy concept 2

This year= Creativity. Fuzzy concept 3? Here's a link to the story I've been working on so far.

Know what story I really like? Yours.

I love writing for 31 days (most days). But every year I'm reminded that I can hardly keep up with everyone else's stories, the ones that are posted all over for the month of October. I am amazed by all you sophisticated bloggers who can do it all and also have your laundry done at the same time. Maybe it's a façade, I'm not sure.
Nevertheless, I've decided in an effort to have more days to read your story, next year may be dedicated to 31 days of Silence.

Need an adventure? If you are doing a 31 day journey, leave a comment with a link so I can find your story! Ha, see how slick I am? If you're not a 31 dayer, you can also leave a comment because I love you, too.


  1. 31 days of silence - love it! I took some silent time from writing and social media this summer and it was wonderful!

  2. Julie, you are a girl after my own heart :-) I live to hear people's stories, I love to ask 'so how did you get here?' (place, job, time of life, whatever), as opposed to 'what do you do?', and I have heard some amazing things as a result.
    Loving your story so far :-)