Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days: Into the Woods

I can't promise these posts will follow an orderly sequence, because that's what creativity does to me. I was somewhat planned for this series, promise, but then I got lost on a nature walk with a new friend today, so I decided to scrap today's entry because, well, this is more fun to talk about.

"This has never happened before," says my friend as the only way to go in the woods is crossing a stream and over big rocks and dont forget traipsing through "marshes and grasslands" as we affectionately called the high shrubs. You think the great outdoors isn't right in your backyard? It is. Literally. I'm the girl today who didn't mean to trespass on your lawn.

I thought we were going for a walk in the neighborhood. I didn't have my camera. My phone was in the car.

Lesson learned: always bring your camera and phone. If you find your trail ends and you have to make your own trail by ending up in someone's backyard, you might like to take pictures. Or call for help if they have a guard dog.

Oh, here's a picture of a butterfly napping, courtesy of my friend.

And here we are next to a beautiful house by the woods.

Need an adventure? Get lost today.

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