Thursday, September 12, 2013

Why I Need You

Life is hard and we need each other. That could be 'enough said' but here's a little more food for thought. This is why I need you people (written but never posted..)

I need you, social media enthusiast, and the one who knows things about pop culture. I just need you, period, because I can't keep up. 

I need you, easy-does-it adventurer, risk taking ones and quick to say yes'er, so I'll remain open to the doors I often keep closed. I need you to be the one to hold my hand if I ever jump from someplace high up, even though I say I'm not afraid of heights.

I need you, athlete, because you inspire me. You remind me someone will win, but someone will lose. Someone will not get drafted. Someone will not get the scholarship. Someone will miss the last shot of the game. I know, this is a real picker-upper. But it's true. And when you keep on playing, you remind me, failure isn't the end.

I need you whose first lens on seeing the world is photography. You help me SEE. You give me hope that I can look up close and mark all as beauty.

I need you, musician, because you help make my world go 'round. You help me to sing along when I am in chaos. You help me to stop and remember the point and Who to praise. You help my feet go lighter and remember troubles are light and momentary.

And I need you, the many, many music-makers that go unmentioned...

I need you, the teenage rappers, the ones I've met, who make lyrics and speak your story and give the world your voice. I need to hear you.

I need you, the girls who know art more than I do. Girls who can run and are fierce. Girls who know how to speak up. I need you to remember you have so much to offer.

Remember you are needed.

Yes, you may need me, too, but this one's for you and why I need you.

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  1. Hi Julie! Oh my goodness, this post is just gorgeous. So well written, so heart-felt and so humble. I am so happy that we got to be blog-friends, Julie. I need you too!

    The more we understand how much we need each other, the more beautiful our world becomes. Thank you for your words today.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Ceil! It's great to hear from you, glad that we are friends, too.

  2. oh, i love this... if only we would all have this attitude, we wouldn't battle with jealousy or comparison so much. bless you. e.

    1. Good reminder..thank you for coming by, Emily :). I learn and relearn the lesson of being interdependent and that I can't exist as the independent creature I often think I can be.