Friday, September 20, 2013

Purple Grandma, Yellow Grandma

She had a purple tablecloth.

Purple was her favorite color. Mine, too.

All my life, up until this year when I added yellow. Yellow -- my other grandma's favorite color. These ended up my favorites somehow, too.  I'm not sure if she remembers the yellow. I asked her about it once. My Irish Grandma, I thought you loved green. But yellow suits you. Sunny and warm and constantly making me laugh. She never talked about it after that. 

Purple grandma did. That's where I get it from. All this talking about favorite colors. 

Purple everywhere. Purple jewelry, purple clothes. What else was purple? Now I can't remember. 

Purple grandma. Greek grandma, ready to embrace my Pa Pou's Greek culture and his antics that went along with it. I try to remember the purple tablecloth. To this day, I am certain she made the best spanakopita and grape leaves and baklava. I can still taste them, though as a little girl leaves of any kind were hard to swallow.

When you think of people do you think of favorite colors?

Do you have a "purple tablecloth" story?

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  1. I love your memories of your grandma! Every time I see a sunset, I think of my husband whether he is home with me or not. He loves the color of the sunset. When I see something red, I think of my mom. Red is her favorite color. Thank you for sharing your memories of your grandma. I am visiting from five minute Friday, and I hope you have a blessed day.

  2. Thanks so much! Great to hear your words.