Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Paper Plate Art and a New Park

This week -- a collision of joy and pain.

joy = art on paper plates. painting late in the evening just because. seeing some of my favorite kiddos. pretty lake! finding a new park. pandora dance party. yummy thai food/getting outta town for awhile, God showing up in the midst of dark places.

{my computer is having problems uploading pictures -- you'll just have to imagine all this joy}

Even as I write this, I know the answers I'm looking for, and yet, I'm okay that I don't know them all. I know when I see more pain, everywhere pain, there's a good chance I'm being stubborn and refusing to see and record. See and record. The joy, too. Instead of just being a pain-tracker.

Sometimes I think the seeing is enough, but it's not. I do have to write it down.

The seeing comes easier at least when I learn to stop smushing joy.

I discover joy and pain can coexist even when I like to think they are estranged cousins.

Aren't they?

I forget to see joy that's right beneath me. I think I need to search to the ends of the earth when something beautiful was there all along.
 I am not kidding when I tell you that this weekend I went to a nature park close by me for the first time in almost seven years. I have no idea how I've missed this gem -- me, who loves water and the outdoors and anything nature -- but isn't it telling?

Joy doesn't have to be this abstract concept or something so hard to find. 

But it is hard to find when I make it so.

It slips through my hands and more so, through the hands of time when I forget what's waiting for me right before my eyes. Right in my backyard.

Something so crazy beautiful that was there all along.

What have you been missing that you recently discovered? What simple acts of living bring you joy?

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