Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9 August Learnings

Happy September everyone! Whew, we are now officially past Labor Day already, which I can safely say since I can't seem to get a post out before midnight. 

All these months are starting to blend together.

Good thing I have Emily's monthly what-did-you-learn link up to keep me straight. Thanks for stopping by as I take a minute to step back into August and be sure to check out what others are up to.
Side note since we're talking about straightening out: everyone has a wedding or shower or another birthday coming up (okay, I know you can only have one birthday a year, but I think that some of you out there are having two birthdays just to be funny) so I'm gonna try super hard to stay on top of dates. My whole life for work has been planning other people's lives and schedules for the past two years or so, and I'm starting to feel like going on a sabbatical sometime soon would be great, so just bear with me. Here's everything I can think of that I learned this past month:

1.  Spoken word poetry. (share courtesy of Amy)

I love this!
I listened to the whole segment one night when I should have been sleeping, and the next morning wrote my first poem since college.

2.  I learned how to stop calling myself a non-artist.

I learned I might never feel ready to do "creative things" that scare me, to mix writing with other art forms, to venture out into my own version of no man's land, but every time I keep believing in these things I'm learning to love, I step on fear a little more (See number one and how I want to do it).

3.  I don't use the phrase Laughing out Loud much.

So? Well, even though I love to laugh, who is really laughing out loud when that phrase is used anyway? If anything, I'm smiling or chucking a little bit, or Laughing On the Inside. But, thank you, Cecilia Ahern and your writing, because I now know the meaning of this in the most inopportune places, otherwise known as the mechanic and the airplane to name a few.

4.  I could be 23 or 93 and I'd still be excited to celebrate another year alive.

I didn't exactly learn this for the first time but I get to relearn it every year -- yay! 
I still love the regular Wednesday, but I have to admit, I love a regular Wednesday + a birthday on top.
Birthdays remind me that the gift of today comes only from God. I love friends (and the fam) who made my birthday special. And, I love my friends' birthdays. Okay, I love anything balloons and parties and friends, period. I'm a sucker for balloons.


5.  Apparently, I'm a bigger fan of JJ Heller than I realized. And Tim Keller. And people whose names end with -eller.

There is not much left to say for this one. I'm tired from all the laughter that ensued when a new friend and I realized some of my music (and now perhaps also reading) habits. So what if I happen to get my CD's and order books from the library in bulk?! And listen to what my friend informed me were "out-of-control" music videos. I like them.

6. I learned that I can keep a list of what I'm thankful for/what brings me joy every day.

The friend from number five gave me this journal dubbed 'the joy journal.' Maybe she wanted to divert me from all the -ellers.

I was keeping track before, here and there, but how easily the joys slipped through my fingers when I forget to take note of them everywhere.

7. I cannot spend time in a grocery store without having multiple, sometimes lengthy conversations.

I enjoy talking to people who work there, mainly. I've known this for awhile, but this month I spent a couple hours at the grocery store for a visit that should have taken me half an hour.
Is this a problem for anyone else who shops at Whole Foods? I'm thinking it might be me, because this also happens at Harris Teeter.

8. I'm pretty sure I know what it feels like to ride in a clown car.

I love my family.

9. There are times I'm not writing because life is crazy or I go visit people (number eight fun), and that's okay.

I like to think I'm writing all the time. In some way, I am. But, I've decided to lose the pressure to have enough to say. I realize I don't have to say enough. I just need to say what I have. I. Just. Need. To. Say. Something. Rather than nothing, rather than holding back. I believe that about everyone.

{are you getting to speak? if not, what's holding you back?}

Much love and grace for fall, Julie